Here's Why iPhones Have a Tiny Dot on the Back
Here's Why iPhones Have a Tiny Dot on the Back
Apple releases a new iteration of the iPhone every year with cutting-edge software and cosmetic upgrades, many of which hide added capabilities.

Every year, Apple launches an updated version of the iPhone with cutting-edge software and exterior improvements, many of which conceal additional functionality. Users of iPhones must have noticed a tiny black dot next to the back cameras.

The often-overlooked dot is actually a "microphone" that records voice while videos are being taken with the rear camera. For vloggers and videographers, this microphone is quite useful because it allows them to record sound while filming a video without any speech issues or distortion.

The iPhone 5 introduced this microphone for the first time in 2013, however it is certain that most customers were unaware of its purpose at the time. In the iPhone, the microphone is located on the right side of the lens, however in more recent models, it is located beneath the triple cameras on the right side.

The amazing features of the iPhone set it apart from the competition.




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